Childrens day celebrations - NATS Los ANGELES - nOV 2018

It's been a great honor for me to be a SPECIAL GUEST at the Children's day celebrations of the Los Angeles chapter of NORTH AMERICA TELUGU SOCIETY (NATS) on Nov 3rd 2018. I thank Mr. Srinivas Babu Manchikalapudi garu for  honoring me with the traditional blessings along with the Priest. I truly appreciate Drs. Ravindra and Wenkat Alapati uncles for the encouragement and support through our very own NATS. 

North america telugu society nats 5th sambaralu - July 2017

I was invited as a GUEST for the NORTH AMERICA TELUGU SOCIETY's 5th biannual celebrations SAMBARALU. Telugu and Kannada Legendary Actor Mr. Sai Kumar garu introduced me and presented to the audience. Telugu lyric writer and poet Sri Jonnavithula garu presented me the Honorary Title "Dhaarana Vaamana" from the NATS.

Telugu association of north america TANA CELEBRATIONS 2017

I did a wonderful SHOW at the TANA 21st Conference, St Louis, MO on May 28th 2017. In this video you can see the AV Visuals, Spelling Bee & then one of the longest Telugu word, which means Railway Station. I gave a very inspirational speech for which I received Standing Ovation for 3 times. TANA has surprised me with another Award for "Outstanding Contribution to the Success of TANA Conference". Watch until the end, where you can see Dr. Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad garu praising me in his Speech. 

TANA Special RECOGNITION AWARD - st louis MO - MAY 2017

I received the "TANA Special Recognition Award" at the Telugu Association of North America TANA 21st Conference, St Louis, MO on May 26th 2017 and here is my acceptance speech in Telugu.